Through the Fog is a Vampire the Masquerade LARP using the updated MET rules from By Night Studios.
If you have recieved an invitation, make a profile and advise the ST to be added to the game.
Through the Fog will run once a month for 10 months with the possibiltiy of continuing.
Setting Document

Welcome to the Vermilion Islands!

Most vampires do not know what caused the Red Star to flare in the sky, nor what made it fade, but they do know that its appearance changed the supernatural world forever. Most mortals went back to their daily lives, putting recent tribulations down to massive riots, gang violence, or biological weapons outbreaks, but the clans and sects faced a world that
was on the brink of realizing that vampires are real.

The modern world is ripe with corruption and decay. Heroes are a half-forgotten legend. remnants of a time when humanity still had illusions of hope and raged against the fading of the light. Centuries of subtle manipulation have eroded the virtues of compassion and charity, only to replace them with a sheepish meekness. Mortals are encouraged to look away from trouble, lest they invite it into their lives. Life is cheap in the urban landscape, and desolate in the small towns. Most mortals are looking to keep the scraps they’ve managed to scrape together, and like rats in the sewers, they are willing to fight to keep themselves alive.

Vampires thought it couldn’t happen. They controlled powerful corporations and government interests; they had nations and world leaders fully under their sway. What
they did not realize was that technology was not the sole providence of large organizations. It could be accessed fluidly by the common man. Any mortal can use Google
Earth, view public security cameras, or purchase guns and ammo online. The vastness of the web, along with the accessibility and ease of the internet, gave normal
individuals far more power than they’d ever accessed before. Technology had nearly overwhelmed vampire society.

Something had to change.

Modern nights are quieter on the surface, but the politics are no less dangerous. Vampires of both sects turned inward, taking their frustrations and failures oput on one another and fighting over the positions of power left behind by those who had been destroyed. These are dangerous nights.

Vampire clans destroy one another’s accomplishments, and sects hold their ancient grudges close, as they always have done. Immortal feuds, eternal rivalries, and primordial
curses haunt the night, and the Beast lingers, ever hungry, behind every set of eyes. Into this world, you are Embraced, and here, you must find your way or be destroyed — from
within or without.

Buckle up. It’s going to be one hell of a ride.

Through the Fog will run once a month for 10 months with the possibiltiy of continuing.

After that, take a look at the wiki. There is some more helpful info there.