Status 310 Camarilla 400


Authority (Abiding) Prince, Seneschal*
Passive: Give Courageous, Defender, Honorable, Loyal s expending
Spent: Give negative status Warned or Forsaken
Commander (Abiding) Prince
Passive: Issue commands to all s Authority. Defiers loose all Fleeting for 1 month or 2 games
Spent: Award up to 3 characters Courageous or Loyal
Enforcer (Abiding) Keeper, Sheriff, Scourge
Passive: Carry weapons at gathering. Give 2 others Defender 1night
Spent: Give Neg Status Warned to lawbreaker
Established (Abiding)
Passive: Open insults or attack give Warned unless they have Authority, Commander or Triumphant
Spent: Give 1 Favored
Guardian (Abiding) Harpy, Lesser Harpy*, Keeper
Passive: Give Warned to anyone who behaves inappropriately or does not respect authority
Spent: Give Disgraced. Keepers “Profane” Harpies “Boon breaker”
Noble (Abiding) Seneschal, Primogen, Whip*, Harpy
Passive: Give Acclaimed or Loyal
Spent: Give Vulgar
Privileged (Abiding) Sheriff
Passive: Cannot be openly or effectively accused of lying unless they have Privileged, Commander, Triumphant or Authority
Spent: Give Vulgar
Prominent (Abiding) Harpy
Passive: Grant Honorable or Courteous
Spent: Target must leave scene or gain Neg Status Disgraced
Sovereign (Abiding) Prince
Passive: Give Courteous, Enforcer or Loyal. Cannot be openly contradicted unless they have Privileged or Authority
Spent: Give Sanctioned. Initiate Blood Hunt and give Forsaken


Acclaimed (Fleeting)
Passive: Extend the Passive Bonus of another status you have to another for 1 hour, must stay within 10’
Spent: Make officer share views or offer advice about a subject pertinent to domain
Courteous (Fleeting)
Passive: Cannot be targeted by an others use of Subterfuge
Spent: Overcome political or etiquette error. Others must accept apology
Courageous (Fleeting)
Passive: Use combat maneuver 1/game s Willpower if under directive from Authority or Commander
Spent: Allow another character to use combat maneuver s Willp
Defender (Fleeting)
Passive: May carry weapons at gatherings
Spent: Reduce Beast Traits gained by 1
Favored (Fleeting)
Passive: Attackers receive Neg Status Warned. Authority, Commander, Triumphant are immune
Spent: To negate gaining Neg Status
Honorable (Fleeting)
Passive: Others must expend 1 Status to accuse of lying
Spent: To stay in a scene when forced to leave
Loyal (Fleeting)
Passive: If you receive Warned this is stripped instead of gaining Warned
Spent: Acquire 1 equipment or info on short notice in 5 min (NPC)
Praised (Fleeting)
Passive: No passive benefit
Spent: Claim small favor from any sect member
Sanctioned (Fleeting)
Passive: No Passive bonus
Spent: Allows for the breach of 1 defined sect law.
Triumphant (Fleeting)
Passive: Special privileges at gatherings. Feeding 0 Downtime Act
Spent: Ignore all Neg Status for 1 hour
Victorious (Fleeting)
Passive: On night given others can give you status s expending
Spent: Remove Warned or keep other spent trait


Warned (Negative)
Censure: Cannot speak to officer in public unless spoken to first. May not speak inappropriately or contradict officers, must offer apology and minor boon or punishment. Lasts 1 month or 2 games which ever is longer
Punishment: Gains Disgraced but keeps Warned
Disgraced (Negative)
Censure: No weapons or powers in presence of officers. No feeding in sect territory. No spend or gain status. Others not required to repay boons. Violate must apologize and offer Major Boon. Those who insult you gain Praised. Remains as long as you have Warned then 2 Games or 1 Month which ever is longer.
Punishment: Gains Forsaken but keeps Disgraced and Warned
Forsaken (Negative)
Censure: No longer considered Accepted. You may be destroyed s repercussions Traditions of Final Death no longer apply to you. You may reside in a domain with Authority permission. Spending Authority my remove this status. One who destroys you gains Triumphant.
Vulgar (Negative)
Censure: All Fleeting Status are expended without effect and return at the end of the game. This status goes away after one night
Punishment: If you receive a second Vulgar you gain Warned.

Status Cap: All abiding from 1 source, all innate status, 5 fleeting
Status Bans
Lesser Bans: Petty prejudice that has minor effects. Max number number of Fleeting Status 3
Anyone not embraced by a pillar clan
Anyone on a path of enlightenment
Anyone who does not have registered boons with a Harpy
Any Camarilla member who was a member of the Sabbat in the last 10 years
Greater Bans: Significant censure. Max number of Fleeting Status
Any known Caitiff
Any Camarilla member who has committed Diablerie
Any Camarilla member who has joined in the last year


Inner Circle: Authority, Commander, Ominous
Imperator: Ascendant, Authority, Commander
Justicar: Ascendant, Authority, Commander
Archon: Commander, Noble
Alastor: Commander
Prince: Authority, Commander, Sovereign
Seneschal: Noble, Authority*
Primogen: Noble
Whip: Noble*
Harpy: Prominent, Noble, Guardian
Lesser Harpy: Guardian*
Keeper: Enforcer, Guardian
Sheriff: Enforcer, Privileged
Deputy: Defender
Scourge: Enforcer


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