Setting Document

Theme: Isolation
Mood: Brooding/Mysterious
Scope: Vermilion Islands
Setting: Camarilla
Chronicle Teaser
The Vermilion Islands are a cluster of islands 40 miles off the north east coast of Maine. The Sabbat War and Gehenna was not easy on the political landscape of Danville. The fallout from the war and recent death of Prince Kristofer Conway, caused Camarilla to grant domain of the area to Prince Devereaux of Bangor, Maine. Will he be able to maintain control despite the isolation or will the residents of the island declare praxis and seize the domain for themselves.

The domain is still not free of Camarilla rivals, with hunters making their way across the state, Sabbat spys and anarch revolutionaries many factions look to control the isolated and free domain.

Graduated XP Cap: Yes
<100 XP 10 XP/Month max
101-200 XP 7 XP/Month max
201-300 XP 5 XP/Month max
Clan Rarity Adjustments
All characters will initially be made from the 7 core Camarilla clans, Brujah, Gangrel, Malkavian, Nosferatu, Toreador, Tremere and Ventrue.

Setting Specific Mechanics:
Initial starting XP is 60 XP, representing a medium sized city with established elders. There after starting XP will be 30 + 25% of the earned XP

Storyteller Notes
This chronicle focuses on the Camarilla and its struggle to maintain control of minor parts of larger domains. Characters should be Camarilla loyal in name, if not in deed.

Setting Document

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